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My name is Jason Arnold. I have been tattooing professionally for about 18 years I have owned numerous tattoo studios throughout the years. I opened damaged ink tattoo and body piercing about 3 years ago. This is the first time I have actually been able to express my visions of what I want instinct tattoo studio should look like and run like. Myself and all the artists at work in my studio pride ourselves on being blood borne pathogens certified. We are one of the cleanest shops in the state with some of the best artist in the state. I am in award winning black and grey artists that specializes in photo realism, portraits, wildlife, etc. Please feel free to come in and check out our studio and speak with the artists.

Rebellious Tony

My name is Rebellious Tony.

What can I say about myself..... I am a full time tattoo artist and father I will tattoo all day and night. Tattooing is literally my life besides my beautiful daughter! She keeps me motivated everyday to work harder and get better.

I have a lot of people ask my what I "specialize"e; in and I will have to say. I love doing color. Bright and bold color. Realistic or not I all do it! I also spend a lot of my time doing black and grey tattoos as well. So I can pretty much do everything. IM ALSO A PIERCER I do and pierce anything and everything you'd like to get pierced as well. I have been piercing for 14 years now and tattooing for 7 if you don't count my apprenticeship.

I just want to make a minute and say thank you to anyone that has read this. This is a short bit about myself in the industry. I have done many other jobs or things to make it in the world but never been so low to post all my life on FB for pity. That's not me. No time. The way I see it

"If you have time to complain , you definitely have time to do something productive to make it easier for yourself"

Thank you again for reading this if you have and I hope to see you in the future :D!!!

Larnel (Lil L) Patterson

My name is Larnel Patterson ....I work for damaged ink ...I started as an apprentice under Jason Arnold ....the owner of damage. My apprenticeship lasted about 1 year. Jason Arnold made me an artist.....they call me L but my real name is Larnel I prefer L.....I love tattooing I love tattoos....artwork makes me feel like I can express my life on skin or paper......I haven't always wanted to be a tattoo artist but when I did find this career i knew this would be the only career I want till I die.....tattooing is more than fun and games to me .I respect and love the facts of tattooing whether somebody wants a small finger tattoo or the biggest back piece it’s an honor to be tattooing out of damaged ink.


My name is Kyler Arnold I am the piercer at Damaged Ink. I have been piercing professionally for about a year now. I am Blood born pathogen certified and schooled in the art of piercing and body modification. I am also in the process of apprenticing to be a tattoo artist. My father owns the shop I work at. Tattooing and piercing is in my blood. Please feel free to come down and check us out. Thanks for looking!!

Robert Barnes

My name is Robert been tattooing for a few years. Apprenticed under the one and only Jason Arnold. Loved the art of tattooing since I was a little boy and grow to love it more and more every day. I'm primarily into black and grey but I do color also. I'm a huge supporter of Spektra Halo's, FK Irons, Silverback Ink and TatSoul. I work off appointments but do walk-ins when I can.


My name is Rick Godsey and have been tattooing for 20 years. I apprenticed under Dave Ritchie, Chris Bailey, and Mike Bacon. I spent 17 years working for Club Tattoo and am back home with my best friend and the amazing crew at Damaged Ink. I enjoy every style of tattooing. Color, black and grey, new school, portraits, and traditional.

Jevy Lev

Jevy jev. I hit the streets at a young age doing graffiti with other local artists. After trying my hand at tattooing I was convinced this was the form of art I'd been searching for. As I progressed I decided to open my first studio then my second and much larger one shortly after. After a number of successful years the shops were sold and I relocated to Arizona where I have been growing as an artist ever since. If I had to pick a favorite style it would be black and grey realism but I truly enjoy tattooing no matter the style. I've been tattooing for almost 20 years and hopefully ill be able to keep living my dream for at least another 20 years.

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